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Death from Discworld
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19 Sep 2014, 8.00pm (Fri)
Opening night:
20 Sep 2014, 8.00am (Sat)
Season continues:
Wed to Sat at 8pm
04 Oct 2014 (Sat)

Media members please book your tickets for Opening Night.

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Adults $20/ Concession $18/ Fringe Benefits $16/ Groups (10+) $16/ Preview all tix $15/ Companion Card accepted
2 hours plus a 15 minute interval

Original novel by Sir Terry Pratchett
Adapted for the stage by Pamela Munt
Directed by Pamela Munt
Assistant Directors: David Dyte and Michelle Whichello
Stage Manager: Andrew Zeuner
Lighting, Media and Sound Design: Stephen Dean
Featuring: Chris Irving as Rincewind, Hugh O'Connor as DEATH, Paul Messenger as Archchancellor Ridcully and a cast of thousands (well would you believe 10 with multiple roles?

Preview dates: 
19 Sep 2014, 8.00pm (Fri)
Opening night: 
20 Sep 2014, 8.00am (Sat)
Continuing dates: 
24 Sep 2014, 8.00pm (Wed)
25 Sep 2014, 8.00pm (Thu)
26 Sep 2014, 8.00pm (Fri)
27 Sep 2014, 8.00pm (Sat)
01 Oct 2014, 8.00pm (Wed)
02 Oct 2014, 8.00pm (Thu)
03 Oct 2014, 8.00pm (Fri)
04 Oct 2014, 8.00pm (Sat)


A highly intelligent, sophisticated audience who can laugh out loud at the exploits of this criminal:-

This criminal is armed and dangerous with the Discworld’s fastest pair of legs. He has enlisted many accomplices along his way. His known aliases are “Rincewind”, “Wizzard”, “Stop him” or “Don’t let him get away”.

He is wanted for:-
• Running away
• Saving the Discworld countless numbers of times (allegedly by accident)
• Inadvertently saving Ecks, Ecks, Ecks, Ecks (where he currently resides)
• The inventions of:- brown gooey stuff that you spread on bread, cork hats, peach melba, “The Wet”,
• Oh yes – and a bit of sheep stealing on the side. (amongst other things)

Seriously though,thanks to all of you for voting for "The Last Continent" for our next show.
It is a huge favourite of ours for the obvious reason that it is very much "ours" in two senses.

1.It is the show that "does not mirror Australia. No, it's about somewhere entirely different which just happens to be, here and there, a bit Australian..still..no worries, right?"

2. It is the first show which was adapted from the original novel by Pamela Munt.

You last saw this show in 2009 with Alley Preece as "Rincewind". Alley is now having a great time teaching English in Japan, and is rather miffed that he can't join us for this one.

BUT the best news is that our original "Rincewind" who played the role in "Interesting Times" in 2005 has returned to reclaim it. A big return welcome and thank you to Chris Irving.

(Photos to be updated soon)

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